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During battles, you can often see players typing messages such as “Drugs!” or “Drugger!”. This means that one of the players in the battle is using supplies. These items from the Garage allow you to temporarily enhance a particular feature of your tank. There are three ways to obtain supplies:

  • Supplies fall from the sky directly in combat
  • Supplies can be purchased for crystals in the Shop
  • Supplies can be received in daily gifts when you enter the game

The effect of each of supplies lasts for 45 seconds. After that, the item is unavailable (Cooldown). Therefore, it is impossible to continuously use one particular type of supplies.

Combine supplies from the Garage with the ones you get on the battlefield to make your tank even more deadly.

Name Description Price Available from How it looks
in battle
Repair Kit
163px-Inventory first aid.png
Restores 200 armor points per second and reduces burning and freezing effects for 2 seconds.

First Aid is a must have item on the battlefield. A well-balanced set of medical items, packed in a box, helps you to stay alive in dangerous situations.

150 IconsNormal 03.png
100px-Bonus first aid.png
Double Armor
Inventory double armor.png
Increases armor of your tank for 45 seconds.

A set of advanced kevlar armor plates that are mounted in standard 600x800mm slots. When properly installed, these plates can double the protective properties of standard armor by taking up 50% of kinetic and thermal energy of the impact. The Double Armor effect lasts for one minute.

50 IconsNormal 04.png
100px-Bonus double armor.png
Double Power
Inventory double power.png
Increases damage of your gun for 45 seconds.

A unique military device – a small metal clutch mounted on the middle part of the barrel by two 20 bolts and a lock screw. It increases the muzzle velocity of a projectile of any type by several times, thus doubling its killing power. Unfortunately, independent power source which supplies the electromagnetic modulator speeding up the substance in the barrel discharges really quickly. After that, the device becomes unusable.

50 IconsNormal 04.png
100px-Bonus double power.png
Speed Boost
Inventory nitro.png
Increases speed of your tank for 45 seconds.

Every tank should have its own N2O cylinder. First, it is perfect if you need to temporarily increase the speed of your tank. Secondly, nitrogen oxide is also known as laughing gas. It can be used during narcosis or just for fun.

50 IconsNormal 04.png
100px-Bonus nitro.png
The mine is deactivated if its owner dies or leaves the battle or when the battle is over. In team battles mines can be activated only by players from opposing team.

Mine is your friend and a real helper. Quietly sneak behind enemy lines to mine their headquarters, cover your friends during retreat, block approaches to your base – all of it is possible thanks to this deadly device.

50 IconsNormal 05.png
Master Corporal
Mine wiki (1).png

Smart Cooldowns

Smart Cooldowns is a system of cooldowns for supplies. The moment you activate one, several others are also put into cooldown for a brief time. A player can still have several supplies activated at the same time, but this will require a smart approach, a good understanding of each supply’s cooldown timer, as well as the combined use of garage supplies and drop boxes.

For instance, when Double Damage is activated, it forces a 30 second cooldown on Double Armor. Since supplies now remain active for 45 seconds, you can still have both Double Damage and Double Armor active at the same time. To do this, you would have to either wait for the cooldown on Double Armor to end, or pick a Double Armor drop box from the arena.

The table below contains all the cooldown times for the Smart Cooldowns system in seconds.

Repair Kit Double Armor Double Damage Speed Boost Mine
Repair Kit 30 15 15 0 15
Double Armor 0 15 30 15 0
Double Damage 0 30 15 15 0
Speed Boost 0 15 15 15 0
Mine 15 15 15 0 30