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Drop boxes (or consumables) as well as gold boxes fall on each map at special points.

The following table shows the types of drop-zones and bonuses that are in the drop boxes.

Name View of Drop Zone
Repair Kit
100px-Bonus first aid.png
Repair kit drop.png
Double Armor
100px-Bonus double armor.png
Double armor drop.png
Double Damage
100px-Bonus double power.png
Double power drop.png
Speed Boost
100px-Bonus nitro.png
Nitro drop.png
Gold Box
Box new.png

Gold droped.png

Features of the drop and the drop zones

  • Drop zones are visible within 20 “metres” of your tank
  • After your tank has been destroyed, the drop zone remains visible for 3 seconds
  • Once your tank spawns, you can see the drop zones
  • Drop zones are not visible during the re-spawning process
  • Drops remain on the map until someone takes them
  • A drop falls 115-125 seconds after it was previously picked up
  • The gold box falls exactly 30 seconds after the “Goldbox Will be Dropped Soon” notification
  • At the end of a battle, all drop boxes disappear
  • Drop zone indication can be turned off in the settings