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m (Welcome to the Virtual Museum of the "Tanki Online" game!)
m (Sekalski przeniósł stronę Museum na Muzeum, bez pozostawienia przekierowania pod starym tytułem)

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Welcome to the Virtual Museum of the "Tanki Online" game!

Every day, player individually contribute in their own way to the development of the project as a whole. This section of the Encyclopedia of "Tanki Online" is designed to ensure that these contributions are preserved and passed on to future generations of tankmen.


On June 4th, 2013, Tanki Online celebrated its fourth birthday. Many important things happened, we all got a lot of valuable experience. New game objects and modes were added. An important event for the project was the emergence of technical support. This brought Tanki Online to a new level. We never stop developing the game and looking into the future. This article is for those who want to know about the past of Tanki Online and its origins.


Each tankman has regular opportunities to take part in various contests, which are held by the administration of the project. Contests are held regularly, with different themes and conditions. The most successful and talented tankers win valuable prizes and are remembered forever in the history of Tanki Online. More information about the contests and winners can be found in this section.


Since the beginning of the project, players have sent in a large volume of content. Funny comics, spectacular videos, photos, tank models built out of various materials, and much more; a forum rich in artistic works. It's time to compile this creativity into one place. From now on, the best work, in the opinion of the administration, will be preserved in the Tanki Online Virtual Museum.