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Chat Administrators

Avatar admin chat.png

Chat admins perform the same functions as chat moderators but they are empowered with greater authority. Also, admins have right to ban an offender forever. And finally, if you want to make a complaint about moderator's work, you should send it to an admin.

List of chat administrators:

EddyBeGood (send a message)

Chat Moderators

Avatar moder chat.png
These guys are an all-seing eye of the Administration. They are always on the front line, right in the game watching over flooders, garbage mouths and other offenders to keep them from spoiling the mood of decent players. If you have evidence of violation of the game rules, you always can send it to any chat moderator.

List of chat moderators:

MizARee (Profile)
yele (Profile)
FlipSquad (Profile)
BaddDad (Profile)
PC-JACK (Profile)
UwH_BPL (Profile)
Ostrica (Profile)
MJ0LNIR (Profile)

Chat Moderator Candidates

List of chat moderator candidates:


How to become a chat moderator

In order to become a chat moderator you need to send a resume to a chat administrator using private messenger in the forum containing the following information:

1. Name/nickname;

2. Age (minimum required age is 21 years old);

3. Country;

4. Link to forum profile;

5. Contact information;

6. Date of registration;

7. Have you ever been a moderator before?

8. Why do you want to become a moderator?

9. Any additional information about yourself;

10. Alternative accounts;

11. Clan.