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(How to become a chat moderator)
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==How to become a chat moderator==
==How to become a chat moderator==
In order to become a chat moderator you need to create a new topic in the [http://en.tankiforum.com/index.php?showforum=148 Chat Moderators] forum section containing the following information:
1. Real name and surname, nickname in the game.
At this moment in time, chat moderator applications are not open.
2. Your age.
3. Your country and the city.
4. Link to your forum profile.
5. Rank (lower than Captain will NOT be processed / considered)
6. Contacts (Skype is obligatory)
7. Facebook or Twitter profile (if available)
8. Date of registration - (date you registered in the game, not on the forum!)
9. Have you ever been a moderator in other projects?
10. Why do you want to be a moderator?
11. The operating system you are using on your computer (ie. Windows, iOS, Linux etc)
12. Alternative accounts, if you have them.
13. Clan or team (if you are a member of a clan or a team).
You can also write some additional information that would help us choose you.

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Chat Administrators

Chat adm.png

Chat admins perform the same functions as chat moderators but they are empowered with greater authority. Also, admins have the authority to ban an offender forever. And finally, if you want to file a complaint about a moderator's work, you should send it to an admin.

List of chat administrators:

Chat Moderators

Chat mod.png
These are the all-seeing eye of the Administration. They are always on the front line, right in the game watching over flooders, garbage mouths and other offenders to keep them from spoiling the fun for decent players. If you have evidence of violation of the game rules, you can send it to any chat moderator.

List of chat moderators:

UwH_BPL (Profile)
Pabloblue (Profile)
FederalBureauFBI (Profile)
Tombapapa (Profile) (temporarily unavailable)
JL6H (Profile)
GhostRider750 (Profile)
LethalJ (Profile)
I_Iran_I (Profile)
royalraj (Profile)
mohamdnaser (Profile)
mannybakshi (Profile)
jemappelalex (Profile)
emre-bmx (Profile) (temporarily unavailable)
mohammed99 Profile)
DEMONEKxD (Profile)
rounoun (Profile)
toto2005 (Profile)
rommeltanki (Profile)
I.Pro.the_best (Profile)
Levissio (Profile)
chinthu_ghost (Profile)
M4jH0L-AFG (Profile)
VelocitasEradico (Profile)
Maroni1 (Profile) (temporarily unavailable)
maximus001ma (Profile)
chaktirasgt_9000 (Profile)
FibreOptic (Profile)
L-I-O-N-K-I-N-G (Profile)
angelreaper (Profile)
maeloverd1 (Profile)
alifarhan (Profile)
drijfsijssie (Profile)
avimin (Profile)
deadtoyou (Profile)

Chat Moderator Candidates

List of chat moderator candidates:


How to become a chat moderator

At this moment in time, chat moderator applications are not open.