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(Facebook moderator candidates)
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kirby2008 [http://en.tankiforum.com/index.php?showuser=426238 (Profile)] (Kirby) <br>
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Facebook administrators

List of Facebook administrators:

FederalBureauFBI (send a message)

Facebook moderators

Facebook moderators are responsible for everything related to the official FB page of Tanki Online.

They answer questions both in comments and in the page's PM, ban violators and help community managers in running contests and events. The signatures moderators use when working in the page are shown in brackets, after their names below.

List of Facebook moderators:

unholycloak5 (Profile) (ツ Cloaky ツ)
Lhamster (Profile) (Lham)

Facebook moderator candidates

List of Facebook moderator candidates:

How to become a Facebook moderator

In order to become a Facebook moderator you need to create a new topic in the Facebook moderators forum section, containing the following information:

1. Real name, nickname in the game.

2. Age.

3. Your country and city.

4. Link to your forum profile.

5. Contacts (Skype is obligatory).

6. Date of registration.

7. Have you ever been a moderator in other projects?

8. Why do you want to be a moderator?

9. Additional information that you want to provide

10. Alternative accounts.

11. Clan or team (if you are a member of a clan or a team.

You can also send some additional information that would help us to choose you.