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(Chat Commands)
(Chat Commands)
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'''Link commands'''<br>
'''Link commands'''<br>
* #rules — Goes to the "Rules" section in the forum
* #rules — Goes to the "Rules" section in the forum
* #faq — Goes to the "FAQ" section in the forum
* #plans — Goes to "Developers' Plans" page;
* #plans — Goes to "Developers' Plans" page;
* #feedback — Goes to [http://feedback.tankionline.com/forum/9519-tanki-online-en/?lang=en feedback.tankionline.com];
* #feedback — Goes to [http://feedback.tankionline.com/forum/9519-tanki-online-en/?lang=en feedback.tankionline.com];

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How the chat works

There are two chats in Tanki Online: the lobby chat and the battle chat. The first one (the lobby chat) is available when a player is looking through the battle list or the garage. Messages sent in it can be seen by all players that are on the server at the moment.
It is also possible to write a message addressing a specific player by highlighting his or her nickname:


The battle chat is accessible during a battle. It is activated by pressing Enter. Sent messages will be visible to everyone in the battle. In case of team battles (TDM, CTF, CP) a player can either write a message visible to everyone, or only to his/her team. To switch between these 2 modes press TAB with an open chat window.

Chat Rules

The following activities are not permitted and will result in (at Administration discretion) a temporary or permanent suspension from chat::

  • insulting other users, sending provocative messages via chat, disturbing other chat users' communication, swearing;
  • using profane language (anywhere, in any form) expressly or implicitly;
  • flooding (sending messages that contain repetitive symbols, posting more than one same or similar posts, using more than 5 identical punctuation marks, symbols or letters in a row, using more than three smileys in a row);
  • flaming (arguing 'just for arguing', exchanging messages in multi-user communication services -such as forums and chatrooms- that constitute a verbal war, often irrelevant to the initial subject of discussion);
  • trolling (encouraging community members to perform activities that might cause adverse consequences, creating user names or engaging in other activities that might cause conflicts or insult community members);
  • posting advertisements without prior consent from the Administration;
  • performing or inciting a third party to perform actions which are illegal, including actions related to drugs, terrorism, attacks on legal authorities of any nature, pornography or any form of discrimination (e.g., by gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion);
  • spreading political propaganda, political promotions, pre-election campaigning of any kind;
  • spreading content that is of an explicitly sexual nature, or that is otherwise not suitable for minors (remember, there are children playing here as well).

Chat Commands

How do I send a message to my team members only?
Press Enter to open a chat window. Then press TAB to switch between general messages and messages that are sent to your team only.

How can I add players to my blocklist or remove them from it?
It can be done by entering the following commands in the game’s chat:

  • /block name — blocks messages from the player (works everywhere);
  • /unblock name — resume receiving messages from the player (works everywhere);
  • /blocklist — show the list of blocked players (works only in the general chat);
  • /unblockall — clear the list of blocked players (works only in the general chat);
  • /vote NICKNAME — reporting a player (works only in battle chat).

Link commands

  • #rules — Goes to the "Rules" section in the forum
  • #plans — Goes to "Developers' Plans" page;
  • #feedback — Goes to feedback.tankionline.com;
  • #updates — Goes to the "Updates" section in the forum;
  • #clans — Goes to the "Clans" section in the forum;
  • #ranks — Goes to "Ranks" topic in the forum;
  • #forum — Goes to the main page of the forum;
  • #theft — Goes to the "What to do if your account has been stolen" FAQ topic;
  • #wiki — Goes to the Tanki Online Wiki
  • #nick — Goes to the How to change your nickname