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How to create a clan

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Firstly, remember, creating a Clan and managing it is a really hard job!

Some things that you need to know before starting a clan:

  • Make sure you have the rank of First Lieutenant or above
  • You should also read the Clan Rules, they will help you a lot

Creating a clan

  • Finding members

This is the hardest part of creating a clan, as you have to find loyal and honorable members who will stick with you through thick and thin. A clan starts with 10 people, including yourself. Remember, you shouldn't start a clan topic before you have at least 9 members, as that would make a bad impression. Once you have 9 members, all you have to do is gather them together, organize them and proceed to the next step - creating the clan topic.
But before you do that, here is a guide on how to get 9 members - there are several ways:

1. Real-life friends. They are the best choice when it comes to loyalty as they will always think before doing something wrong and will always follow your instructions and advice.
2. In-game friends. The people you play with on a daily basis, the people you are friends with in Tanki.
3. Advertisement. You can go to the chat and say you want to create a clan and that you need members - if your rank is good enough and you're polite, you can easily get some people for your clan.
Important: You can post a message in the chat, saying you are looking for clan members. But don't flood, since you'll be banned! Another thing is that you shouldn't create new topics, nor posts in the Forum, saying you're looking for clan members. You can do it on PM, but not in a Forum topic.

  • Making the clan topic

This is not difficult if you have already been active in the Forum and know how to post and make topics. To create a clan topic, you don't really need fancy banners, animated gif images, or high-quality 'show-off' pictures. All you need is typing skills.

Clan name. This is the first thing that your clan topic needs, the title must follow the layout:
Clan 'Federal Group' [FG]

Everything else should follow this format or similar:
Clan name repeated - Optional
Leader's name - Optional, as the topic starter (OP/TS) is the Clan Leader
Co-leaders' names - Optional, if any
Members' names - Required
Clan requirements - Optional
Contacts - Optional

The clan members must confirm their membership by posting 'I am in this clan' in the clan topic.

If you create a clan topic and then don't get responses from at least 9 members within 24 hours, your clan will be closed!

Remember, a good clan topic uses headings, different font styles, banners and colors!